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GatherVerse AI Summit

Title: GatherVerse AI Summit
Term: Spring 2023
Organization: GatherVerse
Details: February 1, 2023- 8AM PST, 11AM EST, Location: Online

What you learned: Metaverse is the house, and artificial intelligence is what seeks to operate within it. The growth we see in AI now is just the beginning, in how we see it start to integrate into emerging technologies such as cryptocurrency, augmented/virtual reality, robotics, automation, bio technology, and the metaverse itself. Humans and AI technology have formed a bond and relationship present day, and researching into it now has become almost as a research of humans itself. AI is after all, a machine that thinks and processes based on its user input. We have to learn and understand the algorithm, but the reverse is also true: algorithms today are being taught to understand and care for humans in an empathetic and compassionate way. One of the drivers of this is an element of fear, and our perception that AI may one day take over our jobs, or even worse, our world. But as long as humans continue to have matter (made up of physical matter vs. AI who consists of no matter), then humans will continue to matter.

Relates to coursework/career goal: Being in the position in my academic career where I have to decide what concentration I should take in MIS, artificial intelligence was a possibility of mine. This webinar goes in depth of the aspects of AI, and the perception and role it plays in today’s society. It gives a better understanding of future prospects of the field, and the work to be done as a professional in AI.

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