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Assistant Teacher/ Floater

Position Description: The Learning Experience, at Northern Liberties, Philadelphia, PA, is a private childcare service, which provides exceptional services for 100+ children. Our facilities and dedicated team of educators create a nurturing environment when children thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. With a dynamic curriculum and strong emphasis on values, we prepare children for future success while fostering a sense of community among families. Assistant Teachers/Floated aim to provide assistance in classrooms as needed. 

Supervised by: Center Director and Assistant Director

This position coordinates with: – Center Management – Lead Teachers – Assistant Teachers – Floaters 

Key Responsibilities:

– Support Lead Teachers: Assist lead teachers in implementing age-appropriate curriculum and activities designed to promote social, emotional, and physical development of children

– Classroom Assistance: Provide support in maintaining a safe, clean, and organized classroom environment. Assist with setting up learning materials, preparing snacks, and facilitating transitions between activities. 

– Supervision: Supervise children during indoor and outdoor activities, ensuring their safety and well-being at all times. Monitor children’s behavior and intervene when necessary to promote positive interactions and conflict resolution. 

– Communication: Communicate effectively with lead teachers, parents, and other staff members. Provide updates and children’s progress, behavior and concerns to ensure a collaborative approach to childcare.  

– Professional Development: Participate in staff meetings, training sessions, and workshops to enhance skills and knowledge in early childhood education and child development. 

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