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IBIT Mentoring Program

In Spring 2024, I had the chance to participate in the IBIT Mentoring Program at Temple University. My mentor was Craig Conway, Global Head of Modern Banking Technology and Delivery at FIS Global. My time spent with Craig was extremely valuable as I was able to learn a lot of information about the industry I wanted to go into, as well as being able to learn about other career paths that I could potentially aim for. We were able to discuss a lot about working in the industry, such as the different expectations of different roles, as well as the roles that my specific background would allow me to pursue. I also gained a lot of insight on different topics such as job searching and networking, all of which I am grateful to have a chance to hear about from someone who has been in the industry for so long. Overall, I believe my experience during the mentorship program was amazing. The information I learned was extremely valuable and I believe that this program and the people involved, especially my mentor, encouraged me to pursue the career that I want to through their continuous support both during and after the program duration.

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