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Technical Architects, Stay Ahead of the Top 6 GenAI Security Risks

In Spring 2024, I had the chance to attend a live webinar about generative AI, hosted by Gartner. It featured Dennis Xu, a Senior Director Analyst, who talked about the different security threats that companies face with the rise of generative AI, some of which were divided into three specific sections: low, medium, and high impact. The three main impact types that were the highest were erroneous output, biased/harmful and inappropriate outputs, and data loss. He then went in depth about how certain security checklists can prevent these situations from happening, such as using GenAi security controls and being up to date with news revolving around GenAI. Overall, the webinar was extremely interesting as it allowed me to learn more about the security of GenAI, the impacts of these security threats, and the different actions that can be taken to mitigate as much of this risk as possible.

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