Weiming He

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: 2017


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During Summer 2017, I worked as a digital marketing intern at a medium-sized company in Guangzhou, China. Guangzhou Super Grand Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a company that manufactures smart phones with different functionalities. The product that sells the most is the smartphone with projection function. It also manufactures projectors and interactive electronic whiteboard.

Below paragraph is excerpted from the “About Us” section on its website:

Guangzhou Super Grand Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., short for “Super Grand”, is an innovation- driven company which is committed to R&D,design ,production and marketing of  intelligent mobile terminal products .
In 2013 , founder Mr. Sijin Feng ,together with members of ZTE, Sony Ericsson, Motorola R & D team ,a total of 21 experienced people set up Super Grand Electronic Technology Co., Ltd .Brand “DOING” was officially registered at that time . We are working with Texas instruments, spectacles photoelectric, media Tek.Inc , Sharp, SONY, Corning and other big companies,forming a community to share sources .Super Grand focus on development of  wireless micro projection communication terminal products and providing micro projection(DLP&LCOS) solutions to customers worldwide.

My responsibilities are

  • Assisted in SEO, product upload and implementation in all e-commerce presences
  • Teamed with the marketing team in product listing, strategic planning and industry competition
  • Analyzed product reviews to create reports to marketing team


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