Zhewei Zhang

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Zhewei Zhang

Doctoral Student, University Fellow
Department of Management Information Systems
Fox School of Business, Temple University
Office:   Speakman Hall 209D

Email:   zhang@temple.edu

Zhewei Zhang is a Ph.D. student in the Management Information Systems department of the Program in Business Administration at the Fox School of Business.  He is currently working on project analyzing the digitalization’s effect on the evolution of design routine as well as the evolution of digital artifact in the case of web mashups and web APIs. His studies are currently supported by Fox School of Business, CIGREF, and NSF grant. His work has been accepted and presented at several leading conferences, including the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) and the Academy of Management Annual Meeting (AoM).

In general, his research interests include modularity and product innovation, evolution of technology, web service. Zhewei is also interested in applying different methodologies from other disciplines into information system research.

Zhewei holds Bachelor of Management in Information System from Tianjin University and MBA/MSIS from Baylor University. Prior to doctoral study, he worked as a system analyst.

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Professional Achievements

    • Fox IT AwardsSpring 2014

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