Jacklin Altman

Assistant Director


In January of 2013 I began working as a tutor in Temple’s Student Athlete Academic Advising & Support Center as a Business Tutor. I have since tutored 8 different student athletes in a variety of courses. From microeconomics to financial accounting to data analytics, I take great pride in helping my tutees succeed.

As student athletes, they have tightly bound schedules that don’t allow much time for studying, so they are given access to tutors who can guide them towards more effective study habits and test-preperation practices. I try to do more for my students than simply reciting information. I strive to explain my thought processes and leave the floor open for questions/discussion as to other methods of reaching the same conclusions. I have found that my laid-back, open attitude has been highly conducive to my students’ success. By approaching it as a peer rather than a superior, I see my tutees really open up. Its rewarding to see an athlete who comes in disheartened, with a bad attitude leave with newfound confidence and their head held high.



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207 Speakman Hall
1810 North 13th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19122-6083

Email: jacklin.altman@temple.edu
Phone: 215-204-2879

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