Joseph Edward DeStefano

Major: BBA MIS


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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I thoroughly believe that one should never let an opportunity pass them by. I also believe that when taking on a new task, it should be performed to the best of one’s ability to maximize efficient use or time and gain in personal knowledge. Ultimately, this philosophy has lead me down many different roads- from learning piano to composing sheet music, from creating art and literature to documenting and preserving history around me. Staying true to my desire to learn and achieve, I chose MIS as a major to embrace not only the growing world of applied technology around me, but also the many diverse paths and experiences I can gain from the field. Philadelphia is my home, and as a proud citizen and student of Fox, I only aim to become someone who can gain the most from his experience and give back the greatest from achieving.

Professional Achievements

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