Josh Grover

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2018


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Professionally, what I appreciated most was interacting with data: financial, demographic, etc. I felt the most satisfied when I was given a task and had to create a solution. Working at a small organization with limited resources meant I was often constructing processes, reports, and other documents from the ground up. I utilized the available technology to reach the highest efficiency I could achieve.

As one might expect, academically I’ve most enjoyed the courses where we as students dive into numbers, data, and spreadsheets. I appreciate the classes that require a keen eye for detail and a precise end product. Through my coursework, I have been able to connect back to what I accomplished at my job and can see how there is a great deal available to accomplish so much more, and doing it all efficiently and effectively! I look forward to advancing this knowledge and applying it to my future career.

Personally, I’m a simple man with relatively simple pleasures. My biggest personal interests involve food and drink, in terms of both nutrition and indulgence, as well as physical activity. I enjoy trying new cuisines and drinks, and have developed quite the discerning, expansive, and expensive palate. At the same time, I enjoy learning about healthful eating and trying to establish good habits. I balance out the calorie consumption with activities, my favorites being rec-sports and group HIIT classes. I’m rather competitive and these satisfy that drive quite well!

2 thoughts on "My Interests"

  • Robin Goetz says:

    Hello Josh,
    my name is Robin Goetz and I am a fellow MIS major of yours. I am currently taking a general education class called “Data Science”. I share your interest on data, as I find it absolutely fascinating to make sense out of what seems to be a completely random field of uncountable numbers and characters. I wanted to ask if have taken any more advanced classes that teach how to make the most out of data and could recommend MIS specific courses to take?
    Thank you so much already,

    1. Josh Grover says:

      Hi Robin.

      It’s great your taking an early interest in data and all it has to offer! I am further along in the MIS sequence and have taken classes that will probably appeal to you. First of all, MIS2101 – the core business class everyone in Fox has to take – will provide you with a greater taste of information systems and how data is utilized. But it isn’t until MIS2502 (Data Analytics) where you really get to dive in and put new techniques to use and actually manipulate data. Beyond that, you will have to look to electives to get more experience. One class outside the department that I would recommend is Customer Data Analytics in the marketing department. The approach and technologies we used are different than in the MIS class and I found it to be a welcomed supplement. Hope that offers you some insight! Let me know if you have any additional questions, and good luck!


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