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During the fall semester of 2016, I took two data analytics courses, Customer Data Analytics (MKTG 3509) and Data Anayltics (MIS 2502). These courses helped me gain huge interest in data analytics, and made me realize it something I want involved my future career.

Through my Consumer Data Analytics course, I have learned how to use marketing metrics to collect, analysis, and utilize data for consumer strategy. I learned how to utilize warehousing technologies & marketing information systems, as well as learn how to mine data. The skills I have learned from this class helped in sparking my interest in not only data analytics but consumer/buyer analytics.

My MIS based Data Analytics course focused more heavily on how to mine and design databases for business solutions. Through this course I learned to create data models and data warehouses as well as how to operate database systems. Also, I learned understand structured query language.

With these two courses, I have gained a strong knowledge on analytics. Both courses made up for what the others didn’t focus on when it came to the topic and for that I learned a lot.

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