Information Systems in Organizations

MIS 2101.004 – Adam Alalouf – Spring 2017

Upcoming Hours for Max Lab Help Desk

Below is the schedule for the Max Lab help desk. 
Monday April 3: 2-4PM in Alter 602 
Tuesday April 4: 9-11AM in Alter 603 
Wednesday April 5: 9-11AM in Alter 602 
Thursday April 6: 5-8PM in Alter 602 
Friday April 7: 9-10AM in Alter 602 
Monday April 10: 2-4PM in Alter 602 
Tuesday April 11: 9-11AM in Alter 603 
Wednesday April 12: 9-11AM in Alter 602 
Thursday April 13: 5-8PM in Alter 602 
Friday April 14: 9-10AM in Alter 602 

Max Labs Help Desk

For troubleshooting help and to get answers to any questions that may arise while completing the Max Lab homework assignments, you can utilize the Max Labs Help Desk. This resource is staffed by ITAs, who are MIS upperclassmen, who have experience with the software and can help solve problems you might have.

The Help Desk is located at the Alter Hall 6th floor labs (602 and 603). There are computers there available for you to use.

Note that there are some classes held in these labs throughout the day, and that ITAs availability is variable. Here is the current schedule:

Monday Feb 20: 2-4PM in Alter 602
Tuesday Feb 21: 9-11AM in Alter 603
Wednesday Feb 22: 9-11AM in Alter 602
Thursday Feb 23: 5-8PM in Alter 602
Friday Feb 24: 9-10AM in Alter 602

Important! How to submit homework assignments electronically

All Learn IT assignments are to be submitted electronically. Here is how:

Your deliverable is a file, either a Word doc or a PDF. Name the file using this convention:

LastName_FirstName_AssignmentName_.docx or .pdf

You may include a version number if you wish. For example:


If your file is not named using this convention, you will not get credit for the assignment

Submit your file by emailing to the following custom address which uploads it into a collaborative folder on Owl Box:

If you upload a file with the same name twice, the second copy will overwrite the first copy. If you modify the name of the file, both copies will remain intact. 


1. There is no blackboard for this course.
That’s right. In lieu of blackboard, we will use a course blog hosted by WordPress. You can access the course site anywhere anytime with an internet connection. Visit the course site here and bookmark it now. You will use it throughout the semester. 
(If you don’t know what WordPress is, I suggest googling it now). 
It would be a good idea to review the course basics, which goes over my bio and how to get in touch with me for office hours. You can also take a look at the course grading policies and stance on academic honesty. You can also find information on course materials, which is a small packet you need to buy at the digital copy center. 
But most importantly, you need to check out the course schedule, which is a list of all required readings and videos, all of which are found online. You are required to complete these readings before you show up to class. The nice thing is that you can do the readings on your phone or laptop virtually anywhere. 
Which brings me to the next point…
2. There is no textbook for this course.
All of the materials you are required to read and view are listed on the class schedule as mentioned above. 
3. You should take good notes. 
This course is going to throw a lot of new concepts at you, and a whole lot of acronyms and technical information. You will do yourself a service by taking good notes and organizing new information in a way that makes it easy to review at a later point. 
In a nutshell, MIS 2101 is all about teaching you how to think critically and adapt to changing problems in the business world. There is no textbook because… well, because the answers change often. We teach you problem solving techniques and how to find the information you need to succeed in business.