MIS 2101.401 – Jonathan Latko – Fall 2017

Analytics Challenge

This Sunday, October 1, the Fifth Annual Temple University QVC Analytics Challenge will open to all students across Temple University.
This year we have challenges from QVC, Pfizer and NBCUniversal.  The challenge begins on October 1 with entries due on October 31, 2017. Last year, we had over 400 students participate from six different schools and colleges.  The first place winners last year were a graphic design major from the Tyler School of Art and a Kinesiology major from the College of Public Health. 

 We will be giving out $12,000 in prizes!  MIS majors also receive points for participating! Maybe a discussion on extra credit? 

We have workshops throughout the month of October to assist the students with the challenges as well as a number of mentors that hold office hours just for this.  More information can be found at http://analyticschallenge.temple.edu


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