MIS 2101.401 – Jonathan Latko – Fall 2017

Learn IT! #1

In this assignment, you will setup a profile on the e-Portfolio site, create an e-Portfolio, configure Google Analytics to collect information about visitors visiting your site and network with others on the e-Portfolio site.

Detailed instructionsDigitalIdentityManagementAssignment_1


There are two things you need to do to submit this assignment:

  1. At the bottom of this page post a comment. You will need to log into this page in order to post a comment. In the comments please include your full name and e-portfolio address. Example: Jonathan Latko https://community.mis.temple.edu/mis2101sec401f17/ 
  2.  Save your word or ppt document of deliverables with the naming convention LastName_First Name_2101SectionX_LearnIT1 and email it from your Temple email account to: Learn_I.yfvrmg4mb10p8p4z@u.box.com 


*** Remember, no late assignments will be accepted!



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