MIS 2101.401 – Jonathan Latko – Fall 2017

November 29th Update


1. The Gradebook has been updated. I have graded all homework including Max Lab 3 and Learn IT #2. Log on to : https://community.mis.temple.edu/gradebook/
2. In class assignments: 15 have been graded, I have not dropped the lowest two in class assignment yet. I will do that when I post final pre-exam grades next week. 
3. The raw number posted on the grade sheet is out of 80 possible grade points that could be earned so far and represents everything except for the final exam which is worth 20 points toward the final course grade. This will give you an idea of potential final grade base on final exam grade points earned.
4. You have 1 week to email me any questions related to this current grade sheet which includes information related to the last two homework assignments. In one week these grades will be final with no further discussion. Refer to the Rubric on the respected assignment pages on my site to decipher what you received credit for doing.
5. Our last class of new material is scheduled for Thursday Nov 30th at 6pm. 
6. The Dec 7th class will be a review day for you to bring any questions about the exam to discuss.
7. The exam will be during the finals schedule on Dec 14th at 6pm sharp. 25 Questions, similar format to the first two exam, 50 minutes to complete, bring a #2 pencil.

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