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Weekly Post #1

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Here is the question:

Thinking about your current major and career goals, how do you see MIS fitting into your career?  How will an understanding of Management Information Systems enable your success?

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  • This question poses a different meaning for me. I am in my 30s and already have a career in information technologies. Information systems have become the backbone of the world. What used to be card catalogs and filing cabinets have become robust databases that can query millions of records in seconds. Analytics is a also a large part of these systems and user data mining is what allows Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter to provider content rich user experiences at no monetary cost to the user.

    Recognizing the usefulness of information systems is what lead me on my career path. I am currently s manager of information systems of Radiology for Temple University Health system. The usefulness is limitless and the benefit in incalculable.

  • Im a HR major and also a full time employee at a large investment firm, As our records are on computers, we have to safeguard our clients date and investments, as well as our employee records and information. After graduation, I will move out of the investment professional role and more into the HR side. I am hoping this class will help me be more instrumental in suggesting new ways to secure our employee information in regards to smart retention practices.

  • I’m a Partner in a 1st Party / 3rd Party collections company. MIS is a critical element of my current career. Examples of how I use MIS include: pricing work, analytics to identify opportunities and hazards within work, performance reporting, and client reporting. I see this class as an exciting opportunity to better my understanding of how to use MIS as a tool — I’m also excited about opportunity to learn new technologies.

  • I am an accounting major. Management Information Systems are essential in the carrier of an accountant. MIS are highly used for accounting operations and financial reports, plus it enables to store a large amount of data. I hope this class will give me an opportunity to better understand the use of MIS and will give me a chance to achieve a high level of efficiency in company’s operations.

  • I am currently an HR major and I work for Abington Hospital in the area of reception and medical records. We have an online system for filing patient medical records and with HIPAA being an integral part of patient care it is crucial that proper management of these systems is in place. Even emails containing certain information are expected to be encrypted. After completion of my degree I plan on remaining in the hospital setting so this course will serve as a better understanding of the forces at work behind these systems and hopefully a better understanding of ways they can be improved or better implented. MIS is a tool that serves all areas of business especially with the growing technological world and I am eager to learn about such an evolving field.

  • Since technology literally changes on a daily bases, getting a head start or leg up on some is always helpful. I have been out of school for awhile and I would like to finish up my BA and go on for my MBA. I am currently an Exelon employee and would like to further my career opportunities. We are constantly brainstorming on how to save on man power and other resources, so having a better understanding of MIS could definitely benefit in these discussions.

  • Currently, I work full time for a major University in the City of Philadelphia, and I am pursuing a Business Administration Degree at the Fox School of Business. I think success has different meanings for different people, however, my aim and or propose is to fully understand how human capital software packages and patient management software packages influence our culture. The security of this information has taken precedence around the globe, and has developed into an intricate portion of MIS. The understanding of the marriage between software and hardware remains vital to my success as well. Management Information systems can enable my success by exposing me to what is required to attain the position of Director of an MIS department.

  • As a Legal Studies major on the road to law school, I find the comprehension of MIS crucial to my success as a future corporate lawyer. In a buisness atmosphere, my collegaues and I will be exposed to the various forms of feedback computed by MIS. With this information, the company as a whole will have the ability to strategically critique the sources that play into the report – creating a more productive work place. The overall system operation will allow me to access and extract imformation that is valuable to my niche at the company, making me an efficient asset to the company.

  • At the moment, I work as a retail consultant for AT&T. My goal is to move up within the company or any other telecommunication or media & entertainment company. MIS as i understand is the gathering, processing and storing of data/information. In my field, this information can be used to enhance operations and sales and thus increasing productivity. I see MIS becoming more prevalent in the work place and attractive to employers because it gives us a better undersatanding as to how and why things are happening in business.

  • Currently, I work full time as a NC Real Estate Agent. It is through this job that I discovered my love for marketing. I am pursuing the OBBA with a specialization in marketing. Especially in this day in age I think it is incredibly important to understand how to beneficially leverage information technology. As a young real estate professional the technology gap between the generations in my field is bluntly apparent. The people who are leading the industry are those who use technology to their advantage. As an independent contractor it is up to myself to learn these systems in order to advance my business.

  • As a Marketing student, I think MIS plays a very important role in Marketing department. MIS provides important tools for Marketing managers to market their products in the digital world. Now days almost everything is run by technology, it is very important to understand how the technology works and how to use it to our advantage. The people who have an understanding of MIS are more likely to succeed in their professional lives.

  • I work in Human Resources and am finding that every day our need for and reliance on technological systems and processes increases. It’s interesting to hear from some of my colleagues that have been with my company for 30+ years that “this is not how we have done things.” It is evident that how things were done no longer works in today’s higher paced and constantly changing environment. In HR specifically we focus on the systems and technology that allow us to reach the right job seekers. We also utilize information systems to track performance, plan for staffing needs, and maintain personnel files, among many other things.

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