5/16/17 Course Introduction and SyllabusThe Things You Can Do with Data.

The Information Architecture of an Organization.


Data Modeling

Gathering requirements
Introducing The Entity-Relationship Diagram

In-class exercise: Identifying entities



The Introduction and Information Architecture


Relational Data Modeling

5/18/17 More on ERDs: Relationships, cardinality
From ERDs to Schemas: Normalization, primary/foreign keys, joinsIn-class exercise: creating an entity relationship diagramIn-class exercise: Converting ERDs to schemas
PowerPoint: Relational Data Modeling
5/23/17 Getting data out of the database:SQL SELECT, DISTINCT MIN, MAX, COUNT, and WHERE


Getting data out of the database:

Joining tables, SQL subselects, LIMIT


Make sure you’ve reviewed the guide for setting up a connection in MySQL Workbench and reviewed the MySQL PowerPoint deck.


In-class exercise: Pen-and-paper SQL exercise

In-class exercise: Working with SQL, part 1

PowerPoint: SQL 1
5/25/17 Creating and updating the databaseSQL CREATE, DROP, and ALTER



In-class exercise: Working with SQL, part 2

PowerPoint: SQL 2 Assignment 1 Due: ER Modeling
5/30/17  EXAM 1 Assignment 2 Due: SQL #1
6/1/17 Principles of Data Visualization

Getting data into the analytical database: The Extract, Transform, Load process


In-class exercise: Data Visualization

PowerPoint: Data Visualization


PowerPoint: ETLPowerPoint: Data Visualization


PowerPoint: ETL

Assignment 3 Due: SQL 2
6/6/17 Turning transaction data into analytical data: Overview of the Dimensional Model

The structure of the Dimensional Model: The Star Schema


Working with Dimensional Data: Pivot Tables in Excel

In-class exercise: Pivot Tables in Excel

PowerPoint: Dimensional Data Modeling Assignment 4

Due: ETL Thursday @ 11:59 PM.

6/8/17 Working with Dimensional Data: Pivot Tables in Excel


Introduction to Advanced Analytics and R


In-class Exercise: Descriptive Statistics Review & getting familiar with R and RStudio

PowerPoint: Advanced Analytics and R Assignment 5 Due: Pivot Tables in Excel

Due Sunday @ 11:59 PM.

6/13/17 Exam 2 Due**Analysis Scenario: Determining customer behavior based on a profile (decision trees)


Analysis Scenario: Identifying similar customers (clustering and segmentation)


In-class exercise: Chi-Squared Statistics

In-class exercise: Decision trees in R

PowerPoint: Classification using Decision Trees


PowerPoint: Clustering and Segmentation

Assignment 6 Due: Intro to R
6/15/17 Analysis Scenario: What products are purchased together? (Association Rules)

In class exercise: Clustering in R

PowerPoint: Association Rule Mining Assignment 7 Due: Decision Trees in R
6/20/17 Connecting to a MySQL Database using R

In-class exercise: Computing Confidence, Support, and Lift

In-class exercise: Association Rule Mining in R

Assignment 8 Due: Clustering in R
6/22/17  EXAM 3 (FINAL) Assignment # 9 Association Rules

Due Monday 6/26 @ 11:59 PM.