Software/Tool Instructions

MySQL Workbench Installation Instructions

We’ll be using MySQL Workbench to create and execute SQL queries.

If you’re using a lab computer, you’ll need to configure a connection with your user ID and password. If you’re using your own computer (Windows or Mac), you’ll also need to install the software.

You can get instructions for how to do both of those things in this Quick Guide. Use the guide to setup your software and connection.

If you’re installing this software on your own computer, I suggest you do it this early. 

You’ll also need a MySQL username and password. I’ve assigned one to each of you, which I’ll email to you directly after class tomorrow.


R Download/Installation Instructions

R is a widely-used, open source statistical analysis platform. RStudio is an integrated development environment for R – that means it makes using R easier!

  • You should install both software packages – R and RStudio! Don’t just install R or your life will be difficult! 
  • Install the latest version of both R and RStudio (see below)!

We’ll be using this software to do some analytics! You can get a full copy of the software – Windows or Mac – for free!

First download and install R:

  1. Download the installation package for R.
    • Choose the link for your operating system (Windows or MacOS).
    • If you have Windows, choose the “base” installation file. If you have a Mac, you’ll have to choose the one that corresponds to your version of MacOS.
    • Either way, it will download the installation file to your computer. Double-click on the file to install it, accepting the default options.

Now download and install RStudio:

  1. Download the appropriate installer from the RStudio website.
  2. Make sure you keep track of where you save the installer.
  3. Install the software! Just accept the default settings.

After both are installed, you’re always going to run RStudio, which will use R behind the scenes to give you a pleasing analytics experience!