MIS2502: DATA ANALYTICS (Fall 2018)


Please register for the IT Career Fair by Sep 14th (MIS Major/Minor only)

The IT Career Fair (https://ibit.temple.edu/careerfair/) is coming up on September 17, 2018.

There will be over 30 leading companies, including NBCUniversal, Ernst & Young, QVC, Pfizer, AmerisourceBergen, Grant Thornton, GlaxoSmithKline, TD Bank, Subaru, and Vanguard attending.

I strongly recommend you attending this event, because it’s a unique opportunity to talk to companies specifically motivated to hire MIS students. You should attend even if you have a job or internship lined up. You can use this fair as an opportunity to build your professional network!

The deadline for registration is September 14, so please please follow the link to register: https://ibit.temple.edu/registration/

How to set up MySQL Workbench

We’ll be using MySQL Workbench to create and execute SQL queries starting next week.

1) If you’re using your own laptop (Windows or Mac), please install the software before Sep 11th. You can get instructions for how to do both of those things in this Quick Guide to MySQL Workbench. Use the guide to setup your software and connection. If you’re installing this software on your own computer, I suggest you do it this early!

2) You will need a MySQL username and password. I will assign one to each of you, which you’ll find on Canvas under Grades>MySQL ID/PW.

3) If you’re using a lab computer, you will only need to configure a connection with your MySQL username and password (I will show you how to do it in class).

Assignment #1: ER Modeling [Due Thursday, 9/13/18 at 5:59 pm]

Here is the assignment instructions.

Use ERDPlus to complete the assignment. It is pretty straightforward to use, but this handy video shows you how to create an ERD and export the diagram as a graphic. That graphic can then be inserted into a Microsoft Word document.

Remember, you must submit a single Microsoft Word document – if you send multiple graphic files, or multiple Word files, you will not get credit for the assignment.

The assignment is due by Sep 13th, 5:59 p.m.


How to use ERDPlus…

We will use ERDPlus to create Entity Relationship diagrams (ERDs). It’s free, and easy to use.

Specifically, we will use the standalone version of ERDPlus (https://erdplus.com/#/standalone), which allows us to create an ERD within a browser.

This is a short YouTube tutorial on the site that shows you how to create a diagram, and export the diagram as an image which can be placed into a Word document.

Welcome to MIS2502 Data Analytics!

Dear students,

This is your instructor speaking. Hope you had great summer recess and welcome back!

Please note that we will use the this website to post up-to-date materials such as syllabus, schedule, class announcements, slide decks, in-class activities, and assignment instructions. While I will try to make announcements both in class and on the community site, it is a good idea for you to check the web site regularly.

The Canvas site will be primarily for assignment submission and sharing videos/recordings. The grades will also be posted on Canvas.

Please also take a few minutes to complete this survey: MIS 2502 Survey: Get to know your background, by Aug 28 th. This survey is for me to know a bit about your background.

Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

JaeHwuen Jung