Prof Patrick J Wasson, MS

Database Credentials on misdemo.temple.edu

Hi Class,

When uploading your code to the class web server (misdemo.temple.edu) you will need to change your database credentials in your code to the following:

host: localhost

db: db_yourusername

username: username listed in gradebook

password: password listed in gradebook

You can keep the host as localhost since once you upload your code misdemo will become the code’s new localhost since the code now resides on that server.  In terms of the database, since you cannot create a new database on misdemo you simply must create all of the tables within your one database db_yourusername and point there.  Finally since you are connecting to our class web server and not the localhost on your pc you will need to use the valid credentials provided to you in gradebook to get into the database server.

Hope this info helps!


Week 10 Update

Hi Class,

To recap we covered PHP functions and wrapped up PDO.

For next week 1) Review Exercise PDO 3 and Challenge 4.1 2) Read the assigned Murach pages 3) Complete Challenge 4.2 4) Ensure you can configure debugging on your pc

Next week we will review the Challenge 4.1 and 4.2 solution and review for Exam 2.  Please be sure to bring any questions you have about Exam 2 to class, so we can cover them.  This class will be your time to go over anything that you would like further explanation on in regards to Exam 2.

I have posted a preliminary MIS3501-Exam-2-Study-Guide for your review.

Exam 2 will be on 4/5/18.

Have a great week.


Enable Debugging in Apache

  1. Go to: http://xdebug.org/files/php_xdebug-2.5.1-7.1-vc14.dll and download the .dll file
  2. Rename the file: php_xdebug.dll
  3. Copy the file to: C:\xampp\php\ext\
  4. Open the XAMPP Control Panel->Click the Apache Config button->Select php.ini file
  5. Add the following code to the bottom the file and save.
zend_extension = "C:\xampp\php\ext\php_xdebug.dll"

6. Stop and Start the Apache service in the XAMPP control panel

Week 9 Update

Hi Class,

To recap: Last night we covered PDO, which involved writing PHP that both inserted, updated, deleted and selected data stored in a MySQL database.

For next week: 1) Read the Murach assigned pages 2) Practice everything we covered with PDO thus far 3) Work on challenge 4.1

4) Take a look at the Debugging post above and see if you can enable debugging on your own pc.  Once you have debugging enabled you can test it out in netbeans.  Please see the following tutorial: https://netbeans.org/kb/docs/php/debugging.html

Next week we continue PDO coverage with PDO Exercise 4 and Challenge 4.1.  We will also cover PHP Debugging which will help you troubleshoot your code during exam 2.  We will also cover functions.

As a reminder: The last day to withdraw from the class is 3/21/18.  Please contact me before 3/21/18 if you have any questions.


Professional Achievement Points Project

The Professional Achievement Points Project has been posted.  This project is totally optional.  It is not required.  It is not extra credit.  It is, however, an opportunity to earn some MIS Professional Achievement Points.  See the “Points Project” tab for details.  You’ll need to know some more about PDO to do the project, but I wanted everyone to the project description.

If you are interested in earning professional achievement points for programming, please see this document: Portfolio-Points-Project-MIS3501-Sonny-Shines


SQL Quiz and Current Grades Posted

Hi Class,

I have posted the results from the MySQL quiz to the grade book. The grade posted is out of 33 points, so divide the points posted by 33 to get your percentage grade.  In addition, I have posted your current course grades given both quizzes and exam 1.  Your current course grade accounts for 45% of the points for the course.  As a reminder: You will need at least a 72.50% in order to pass the course.

As a reminder: The last day to withdraw from the class is 3/21/18.  Please contact me before 3/21/18 if you have any questions.


Week 7 Update

Hi Class,

To recap: Last night we took the MySQL quiz and reviewed the solution to Exam 1.  Grades up to this point have been posted.

Next week will be Spring Break!  We will not have class on 3/8/17.

Once we return from Spring Break we will cover connecting our PHP code to a MySQL database using PDO.

To prepare for 3/15: 1) Read the assigned pages in Murach 2) Take a look at the exercises we will cover

As a reminder, I will be out of the office with limited access to e-mail the week of Spring Break.  I will respond to any e-mails when I return on 3/12.

Have a great spring break and see you all on 3/15!


Week 6 Update

Hi Class,

To recap: last night we covered MySQL, interpreting an ERD, and writing SQL queries based on an ERD.  We also went through a number of exercises writing SQL queries.

Next week we will have the MySQL quiz, which will require you to write numerous SQL queries based on a database schema diagram I provide.  The format will be very similar to the exercises in that I will provide you with a starter .sql file which you will need to import into phpmyadmin.  You will then be asked to write a number of SQL queries using the ERD as a guide.  At the end of the exam you will then e-mail me the file containing your SQL queries.  To practice be sure to go through all of the readings, videos and exercises.  There may be some questions that ask for functions that we may not have directly covered in the exercises (Some examples could include: substr, like, datediff, str_to_date etc…), but you will be expected to perform with a working foundation knowledge of MySQL queries.

Also be sure to use the Mastery Grids website for additional MySQL practice!

After the quiz we will will review the results and go over the solution for Exam 1.

Have a great week


Mastery Grids Info

Hi Class,

I will spending a few minutes at the beginning of class tonight to show you a Mastery Grids system you can use  to practice for the MySQL portion of our class.

Please see the following link which relates to what I will be discussing tonight:  http://adapt2.sis.pitt.edu/kt/content/Show

If you have any issues logging into the system (using your credentials listed in the gradebook) please contact Professor Bauman (kbauman@temple.edu), who developed the system.


I will elaborate and explain more tonight!