Prof Patrick J Wasson, MS

Week 6 Update

Hi Class,

To recap: last night we covered MySQL, interpreting an ERD, and writing SQL queries based on an ERD.  We also went through a number of exercises writing SQL queries.

Next week we will have the MySQL quiz, which will require you to write numerous SQL queries based on a database schema diagram I provide.  The format will be very similar to the exercises in that I will provide you with a starter .sql file which you will need to import into phpmyadmin.  You will then be asked to write a number of SQL queries using the ERD as a guide.  At the end of the exam you will then e-mail me the file containing your SQL queries.  To practice be sure to go through all of the readings, videos and exercises.  There may be some questions that ask for functions that we may not have directly covered in the exercises (Some examples could include: substr, like, datediff, str_to_date etc…), but you will be expected to perform with a working foundation knowledge of MySQL queries.

Also be sure to use the Mastery Grids website for additional MySQL practice!

After the quiz we will will review the results and go over the solution for Exam 1.

Have a great week


Week 5 Update

Hi Class,

To recap: Last night we took Exam 1, reviewed the HTML quiz and completed the MySQL Presentation.  I have posted your HTML quiz grades.  We will review Exam 1 and I will have your grades back to you on 2/27/17.

For next week: 1) Go through the MySQL Training videos posted in the syllabus 2) Ensure you can access http://misdemo.temple.edu/phpmyadmin/index.php using the credentials provided in the gradebook 3) Take a look at the exercises we will be covering next week

As a reminder: the MySQL Quiz will be on 2/27/17.

Have a great week!


For Week 4

Hi Class,

I have recorded our class for Week 4 via Webex, which you will view in place of our in-person class in Week 4.

In the webex we cover For and While loops as well as a comprehensive review of what we have covered so far including forms, conditional logic, variables etc.  I will post all of the solutions to the challenges and exercises we have covered so far in Week 4.

In week 5 we will be taking Exam 1 on 2/13 which will cover everything we have covered so far in the class.  Please see the following MIS3501-Exam-1-Study-Guide, which contains everything that will be covered in Exam 1.  To prepare be sure you understand how to complete all of the challenges and exercises as they are very similar to what will be covered in Exam 1.

Please let me know if you have any questions at all about the Exam.

Also, be sure to check back here leading up to Exam 1 as I will be posting a few updates about Exam prep.


Week 3 Update

Hi Class,

Good work on the HTML quiz last night.  To recap: We took the HTML quiz and covered PHP conditional statements.

For next week: 1) Complete the Murach reading 2) Complete challenges 2.2 and 2.3

REMINDER: Next week we will be having our class via a pre-recorded web-ex, which you can view anytime you’d like week.  We will not be meeting in person next week.

In the Web-ex we will go over PHP Loops and Counters, review challenge 2.3 and 2.3 and complete exercise 2.3 and 2.4, and review for Exam 1.

We will be taking Exam 1 the next time we meet in person on 2/13/18.

Please look for the web-ex in the Week 4 Update which I will be posting shortly.

If you have any questions leading up to Exam 1 please do not hesitate to e-mail me!


Week 2 Update

Good work last night.  To recap we covered the basics of HTML and CSS, an introduction to PHP, some basic PHP skills, and how to move data from one page to another via a form request.  I have posted a WebEx video covering exercise 2_1 since we ran out of time.  Please be sure to view the video before next week’s class.

As a reminder the HTML quiz will be held next week and will cover all of the concepts covered in the HTML Essentials Training.  To prepare for the quiz be sure to review the HTML and CSS exercises as the quiz is very similar to these two exercises.  You will be required to download some starter code I provide to you, alter the code in netbeans based on a number of questions in the quiz and then upload your code to the class server (misdemo.temple.edu).

Additionally, I typically arrive at class around 5pm and am happy to answer questions before class.  However, I have another commitment shortly after 8pm, so I will need to leave class by 8pm typically, so for any class questions please try to arrive to class a bit early and ask me then as opposed to after class if possible.

If you are having any issues with software installations, using SSH, uploading you work to the class web server etc please feel free to reach out to the TA’s at: mis3501@temple.edu

For next week 1) Prepare for the HTML Quiz 2) Complete Challenge 2.1 3) Review the materials for week 3 including the slides and exercise

Have a great week!