Week 10 Summary

The prevalence of today’s web applications make it a good attack surface because of the many ways it can be reached. Moreover, web application vulnerabilities is a real and likely threat vector for many organizations with a web facing presence today. One of the tools that can assist with detection of web vulnerabilities is Burp Suite. This suite is a robust web application vulnerbaility test tool with many functionalities; some of the tool’s functionalities is called spider which is used to get a complete list of URLs and parameters for each site. The tool looks into each page that was manually visited and goes through every link it finds within the testing scope. Also, XSS is one of the most common particular web attack vulnerability.

I found this interesting article from Electronic Frontier Foundation; it speaks about law enforcement agencies around the country are all too eager to adopt mass surveillance technologies, but sometimes they have put little effort into ensuring the systems are secure and the sensitive data they collect on everyday people is protected which I thought you might like it:

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