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I confess I have a slight shoe addiction with roughly 50 pairs of Nike’s or Jordan’s alone. Having the right color scheme, pattern, and texture to match your attire is very important.

Whenever the opportunity presents itself you can find me on court. I find tennis is similar to chess but with a ball traveling around 100 miles per hour. Additionally, I like to restring and weight tune my racquets myself for optimal performance. Doing so satisfies my analytical mind testing hypotheses I develop trying to increase my game.


Exercise will always be a vital part of my life. Four years ago adopting a healthy lifestyle and exercise allowed me to lose roughly 100 pounds naturally. Being physically fit helped me when I suffered from a freak deep vein blood clot from being considerably more serious. Even after losing the weight exercise continues to be a passion of mine as it allows me to thoroughly examine issues internally while I exercise. This strategy assisted my graduation in the top ten percent of my class for my Associate of Arts degree.

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3 Responses to My Interests

  • Your opinion about shoes is really interesting. I agree with that~

  • Hi Phillip,
    I like that you have a similar interest as me in tennis. I feel like its difficult these days to find a lot of people that are interested in the sport. The court you posted looks pristine and seems like the bounce off the surface would play very well.

  • Hi Phillip,

    Your shoe addiction is something I can relate to, except my problem is boots! It’s also awesome how passionate you are about the gym. I love working out and staying active too. I’m far from athletic, but I play in a softball league on Monday nights and love the break in the week from my usual gym routine, seems you found that with tennis too!

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