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Internship 2016-2017

I gained a fall internship through applying online to the Philly Pigeon, which is where a Poetry slam is held. My role as internship would be to collect money at the door for entry and cross off the names of people who bought their tickets ahead of time. I also created a protocal for them to keep in contact with their poets, and also kept track of the points earned by each poet from the slams they attends as well as other statistics. I learned more about excel and relations with clients.

Spring Connection 2017

Spring connection was a place for Fox students and employer to meet and get acquatied for internships and employment. My role was as a Fox student of SHRM and I talked to about five different employers and got their business cards and info to learn how to apply for an internship. I only talked to about five because most were either looking for sophmores and above or not HRM majors so my options were limited. I cemented my skills with conversations and how to present my self to employers.

Kickball (10/6)

We played as a SHRM team in kickball against some other teams to bond together as a SHRM volunteer group. My role was a SHRM kickball member and I learned more about my cohorts and about what SHRM is and stands for figuratively.

Welcoming Center (March 8th, 22nd, 29th and April 5th)

The event was to help people who are learning English as an another language with the enviroment of being in an interview and to help them practice their English as well. My role was to be an interviewer to the people who came and essentially to ask them questions in English that an interviewer might ask them about their resume and overall character. I learned that most of these people who immigrated from elsewhere, had missed real opportunities just because they did not know english and that most of them to me seemed qualified to work the job they were aiming for and overqualifed to work the job they are currently working.

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Ikponmwosa R. Osaghae

Temple University

Fox School of Business and Mangement

Bachelor of Business Adminastration

Graduation date: May 2020

Major: Human Resource Mangement

Welcome to my e-portfolio! My name is Ikponmwosa Ryan Osaghae and I am currently a freshman at Temple University majoring in Human Resource Management. I started my studies at Temple University in the fall of 2016 after Downingtown West Highschool. I expect to graduate from Temple University with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration in May 2020. On this site, you will find more information about myself including my interests, and extra-curricular activities by navigating through the links located on the right hand side of your screen.