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BBA in MIS, Minor in Human Resources, Fox School of Business, Temple University

Email: sara.monahan@temple.edu


 Welcome to my online portfolio. My name is Sara Monahan and I am a Senior enrolled in the Fox School of Business and Management at Temple University. I am majoring in Managing Information Systems and minoring in Human Resources. I could not be more excited to expand my knowledge of technology and begin to see how, and where I can use it to impact my workplace environment. Innovation, analysis, and management as a whole have always been areas of study that I find extremely interesting. I am looking forward to becoming a bridge between IT and business, using the skills I have learned during my time at Fox and through my internships to advance a company. I want a career where I can constantly be challenged and advance my knowledge of the business I am a part of.

I am thankful for all the opportunities Temple University has given me and l cannot wait to see what the future holds.

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  • Hello Sara, your profile is very well organized and detailed. I hope you continue your success in MIS and onto your career.

  • Your profile has a wealth of information, and a good layout. Best of luck to you, on the job search.

  • Great e-portfolio, Sara! You seem to be a highly motivated and involved student at Temple. Best of luck in your future career with MIS!

  • Hey Sara, I find it really awesome that you were able to choose MIS shortly after graduating high school. You also seem very motivated and organized as you work towards an MIS career. Best of luck to you!

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