shuyue ding

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Hello everyone!

About me

Welcome to my e-Portfolio!

BBA in MIS (Management Information System), Fox School of Business, Temple University


    • I am an international and transfer student who has completed high school diploma in China and Associate Bachelor Degree in Seattle. Now, I am majoring in MIS.
    • I am interested in technology since I was a child, I grew up in a business family. This is why I love my major.
  • Skills
    • I learned a lot of technical skills to analyze data and develop simple websites from MIS courses. I also learned soft skills from many of my teamwork.
    • I experienced to become a Business Analytic and a Program Manager from MIS courses. I also had an internship as a BA in the summer of 2017.
  • Goal
    • My goal is the same as many other MIS people, which is connect IT and business.
    • Help organizations to manage and use their data more efficiently.