Alan Hevner to speak on Design Science Research in Information Systems: Cycles of Activities

Design Science Research in Information Systems: Cycles of Activities

Alan Hevner

Professor and Eminent Scholar, Citigroup/Hidden River Chair of Dist. Technology
Information Systems and Decision Sciences
College of Business University of South Florida

October 9, 2009

Alter Hall 405, 1000 –  1130am


Design science research seeks to extend the boundaries of human and organizational capabilities by creating new and innovative artifacts. In this presentation, I will describe the performance of design research in Information Systems via a concise conceptual framework and clear guidelines for understanding, executing, and evaluating the research. I then analyze design science research as an embodiment of three closely related cycles of activities – the Relevance Cycle, the Rigor Cycle, and the central Design Cycle. The recognition of these three cycles in a research project clearly positions and differentiates design science research from other research paradigms in the Information Systems field. The presentation concludes with a discussion of several key issues concerning Design Science research in IS – publication in top journals, external funding, and academic value.


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