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Past Coursework

Honors Quantitative Methods for Business II, Reza Vafa

  • I deepened my knowledge of Excel and learned how to apply quantitative analysis in business and economics.

Honors Leadership and Organizational Management, Dr. Kathleen Voss

  • I learned about team-building, organizational structure, human resource management, and how to be a better leader.

Honors Legal Environment of Business, James. M. Lammendola, M.A., J. D.

  • I learned learn about new aspects of law, like contract law and international law, and their impact on running a business.

Honors Microeconomic Principles, Austin Bean

  • I gathered a better understanding of the impacts of individual decisions in regards to microeconomics while learning about supply, demand, and various types of markets.

Business Seminar IDean Ron Anderson, Lori Roseman, and Sara Allen

  • I became more educated in current economics, financial literacy, and business issues, as well as learning how to create a SWOT analysis.

Macroeconomic Principles, James M. Kelly

  • I learned more about business cycles, inflation, unemployment, banking, monetary and fiscal policy, international economics, and economic growth.

Excel for Business Applications, Karen Murtha

  • I deepened my knowledge of Excel and learned how to efficiently create formulas, use functions, produce and format charts, create reports and Pivot Tables, and use what-if-analysis for managerial decision making.

Honors Digital Systems, Amy A. Lavin

  • I understood the integral role that information systems and digital platforms play in business and how digital products are conceived, designed, secured and deployed, as well as learning how to build simple software applications.

Honors Statistical Business Analytics, Lauren N. Burns

  • I learned the fundamental concepts and tools needed to understand the role of statistics and business analytics in organizations by mastering topics such as probability distributions, random sampling and sampling distributions, point and interval estimation, hypothesis testing for several populations, correlation, and regression analysis.
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