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Fall 2018:

ECON 1101:

  • An introductory course in macroeconomics where I learned the basics of business cycles, inflation, unemployment, banking, monetary and fiscal policy, international economics, and economic growth.

STAT 1102

  • Introductory math course that teaches the basics of calculus and statistics in order to solve business applications

ENG 802

  • Analytical reading and writing that covers modern day topics. Learned the basics for researching and Temple University library resources

HRM 1101

  • Address the challenges of leading high performing organizations and examine the enablers of principled organizational leadership and performance

Spring 2019

MIS 2101

  • Explain the role of information technology as a business enabler and explain management information systems applications.
  • Evaluate the organizational fit and suitability of business applications
  • Understand the ethical challenges of information technology

ECON 1102

  • An introductory course in microeconomics covering the topics of the market system, supply and demand, cost, competition, monopoly, oligopoly, factor markets, and public goods

IH 0851

  • Students will read important works of world literature, philosophy, and religion, from ancient epics to graphic novels, with a focus on individual well-being

LGLS 1101

  • Introductory course to the essential aspects of law with an emphasis on the legal environment of business. We will learn the basics of contract, tort, property, and administrative law as well as international law

SCO 0829

  • The history and significance of race and diversity in America where we will cover topics of slavery, Native Americans, and Irish, Jewish, and Italian immigrants.

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