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Digital Systems – I Learned the role of information systems and digital platforms in business and how digital products are conceived, designed, secured and deployed, and learned component-based software architectures and APIs.

Data Science – I learned how to harness the power of data by mastering the ways it is stored, organized, and analyzed to enable better decisions. I solved problems using a variety of powerful, computer-based data tools virtually every organization uses. I learned to make more impactful and persuasive presentations by learning the key principles of presenting data visually.

Legal Environment of Business – I learned essential aspects of law with an emphasis on the legal environment of business and the basics of contract, tort, property, and administrative law as well as international law.

Intellectual Heritage II – I read read important works of social, political, and scientific thought, with a focus on well-being for societies.

Professional Development Strategies – I prepared to enter the internship and permanent job marketplace with an emphasis on career planning, interview preparation (including behavioral event interviewing), expected behaviors and legal issues.

Leadership and Organizational Management – I learned to address the challenges of leading high performing organizations and examined the enablers of principled organizational leadership and performance.

Selected Topics in Statistical Analysis – I learned how to understand, evaluate, and criticize information from surveys and scientific studies encountered in newspapers, magazines, textbooks, and scholarly journals, how to distinguish between informative and misleading uses of statistics in the popular media, and how to make informed decisions in the face of complexity and uncertainty.

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