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MIS & CIS Courses:

CIS 1051, Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming in Python, Professor: Rosen, Andrew   

  • I learned how to program in Python using procedural programming constructs, such as: loops, branching structures, and functions. In addition, I learned about software engineering practices, including unit testing techniques, debugging techniques, and version control management.

CIS 1068, Program Design and Abstraction, Professor: Fiore, John

  • I learned how to program and problem solve in Java, learn about class hierarchies, inheritance, interfaces, primitive data types, strings, classes, arrays, vectors, and streams. In addition, I learned how to search and sort arrays and how to process files.

CIS 1166, Mathematical Concepts in Computing I, Professor: Crotty, James

  • I learned about predicate and propositional calculus, sets and set operations, functions and mappings, big O-notation, growth functions, algorithms, integers, matrices, mathematical induction and recursive definitions, combinations, permutations, binomial coefficients, discrete probability, and how to write mathematical proofs.

MIS 2101, Digital Systems, Professor: Hosseini, Leila

  • I learned how to program using Javascript, learned about CRM and ERP software systems, and how digital products are conceived, designed, secured and deployed. In addition, I learned about component-based software architectures and APIs.

 Quantitative & Business Courses:

MATH 1041, Calculus I, Professor: Panofsky, Ellen

  • I learned about functions, limits, continuity, differentiation of algebraic, trigonometric, exponential and logarithmic functions, curve sketching, optimization and L’Hospital’s rule.

STAT 1001, Quantitative Methods in Business I, Professor: Wei, William

  • I learned about business applications and economics, as well as, quantitative and Excel skills.

STAT 1102, Quantitative Methods in Business II, Professor: Rathi, Jaipal

  • I  learned about fundamental concepts in Statistics and continued to learn more about business applications, economics and Excel.


IBM Data Science Professional Certification

Statistics with SAS

The Complete Oracle SQL Certification

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