Anh Nguyen

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


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Big Data is probably one of the first things that people in the Information Technology industry introduce to others. From my point of view, Big Data means a large amount of data (e.g. the number of sales from a store) both structured and unstructured that illustrates the daily operation of a business. Big Data is important and essential because the organizations will use it later on once they store them into Transaction Database and Analytical Data Store for keeping records organized in files, analyzing trends, making better decisions, and also improving their business operation. It can be seen clearly that there is a close connection between this topic of Big Data and the materials that I have been studying in MIS 2502 course. In the beginning of the course, we were introduced to Big Data with a very general definition. However, the concepts of putting raw data into Transactional Database, extracting them into Analytical Data Store, and finally analyzing them by using MySQL and R languages gradually explain well the reasons why Big Data is so important in real life for any organization. In addition, the concepts that are covered in MIS 2502 course also help audiences to be familiar, work, and interpret Big Data easily. When I did my research on datapine website, I found out that Big Data is used within casinos in which they want their customers to have more loses than wins, so they can make profit. However, they also do not want their customers to lose a significant amount of money in one visit because it is likely for those customers to have bad experience at that casino and as a result, they might not be coming back. In order to do that, casinos have been using Big Data and analyzing them from individual slot machines to figure out the area that they make most profit, what machines are most popular and at what time, and the area that needs to be rearranged with the purpose of keeping their customers while making sure that they earn the most profit.



Work Cited

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