Anh Nguyen

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


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I interned at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in the Philadelphia office as a Digital Risk Solutions (DRS) Intern this summer. PwC is a multinational professional services network which offers three main lines of services: Tax, Assurance, and Advisory. My line of service DRS is under Assurance – Risk Assurance. DRS consists of two main teams which are data and technology team. I will be assigned to different engagement teams with different clients throughout my internship at PwC. My role is to support the data team in converting data into meaningful solutions and insights to meet clients’ needs of managing and predicting risk as well as helping them make better decisions. As an DRS Intern, I will mainly focus on data analytics, visualization, and automation using different tools such as SQL, Tableau, UiPath, etc. In addition, I will also take part in preparing client deliverables including control documentation and test scripts, status and observation reporting and dashboards.

This is the 10 week internship and most of the DRS interns in the US all started together in the beginning of June. I spent the first week of my internship in Boston for my orientation and line of service training. The training went really well because it helped me understand the firm’s culture and structure much better. We were introduced and trained on some of the new softwares that we did not learn from school. In addition, the instructors also taught us on how to network and expand connections with other employees and Partners.

Once we finished the training in Boston, we all returned to our local offices and started working on different engagements. It depends on where the client is; therefore, some of us are required to travel to the client’s location and others stay in the local office. Since we operate as a national practice, some of our team members are from different offices and might have to work remotely. Therefore, I learned that I have to effectively communicate with my manager and other team members via emails, Webex, and phone calls in order to stay on top of everything.

Throughout the course of my internship with the Firm, PwC has been organizing and having a lot of internal events and volunteering opportunities, so that we can connect with others, give back to the community, and learn more about the Firm’s culture, purpose, and values. In addition, all interns across the practices were given a day for the digital upskilling training where we were able to learn and practice some of the newest digital technology tools such as Tableau, Alteryx, and UiPath.

Some of my responsibilities throughout my internship are creating workflows and bots to automate the process of data migration, transformation, and extraction. I also built some SQL logics (data quality indicators) to validate and migrate all of the potential risks from the input data before it gets transferred to the new system. Besides, I was able to explore and learn more about automation and building bots.

Overall, it has been an awesome experience interning with PwC’s Digital Risk Solutions practice. Everyone in the team is very friendly, supportive, and willing to help all of the new interns as much as possible.

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