Ansh Chaudhary

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2019


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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Data Analysis Intern


  • Made client reports and presentations about their financial situation in regards to their retirement.
  • Responsible for developing digital marketing campaign for new lead generation.
  • Developed new organization system to more efficiently maintain and reference client records.

OMNUS INVESTMENTS, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  Finance Intern

  • Performed due diligence on companies that could potentially become financial products that the firm sells to its clients.  Determined whether or not each company we researched was a wise investment for our clients.
  • Created presentations to the board about different financial companies to determine whether or not the firm would sell shares in the company to clients.
  • Provided financial analysis on different companies that already existed and wrote reports that summarized the potential investment for clients
  • Made risk profiles for all financial products offered.


Senior Classroom Support

  • Open and close the building so classrooms and other rooms are available to students and teachers
  • Answer help calls and other classroom support areas to make sure the classrooms audio and visual functions are operating
  • Work as standby support for certain events and serve as on the spot help in case something goes wrong.


Key Takeaway:

During my time at Evolution Financial Group, my main responsibility was the implementation of basic CRM system so the company could move away from its reliance on physical records.  This process taught me a lot, but most importantly it taught me the value and impact communication. No one can use or benefit from your work if they don’t know how or why to use it.  I learned this lesson the hard way because most people at the firm were older and as a result more adverse to adapting a new system. Overtime however I learned how to communicate why this CRM system will make everyone lives better and easier and eventually it was adapted by the firm.  The ability of to make people understand the why behind what you’re doing is an invaluable lesson that will serve me well. I also was able to polish my soft skills because at this internship I had the opportunity to sit in on and participate in meeting with clients.

Professional Achievements

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