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Clinical Operations Intern

As a Business/Clinical Operations Intern at Accolade, Inc, I worked directly with the clinical team and the operations team to identify challenges with productivity and utilized data analysis processes to address those challenges. My summer project consisted of using SQL to perform accurate data pulls, which were then analyzed in Excel and AWS Quicksight to identify actionable insights into the clinical team’s workload. Technical skills I learned included how to apply SQL knowledge from MIS 2502 in Amazon Redshift database servers, as well as being introduced to AWS data visualization platforms, and deepening my knowledge of data analysis capacities in Excel. Moreover, I really learned how to talk to people and collaborate with cross-functional teams with different skillsets and knowledge. My boss, Olivia Kellin, is the senior director of Clinical Operations, and was incredibly helpful in allowing me to navigate Accolade’s workforce management systems and I was able to network with some really intelligent and personable people in the tech department and the HR department at the company. I was full time from the dates of June 26, 2023 – August 25, 2023, and I was asked to restart my internship as a part-time (10 hrs/week), remote intern during this fall semester while I take classes.


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