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Digital Accelerator Development Program Associate

My position consists of a rotational program to follow 2 different tracks within the IT sector of the company as an entry-level associate over two years at Bristol Myers Squibb in Princeton, NJ. BMS is a large Fortune 500 company, with about 34000 employees. Some of the tracks within the role that I am selected for include Data & Analytics, Automation, Cloud, Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Technology Development/Configuration , Technology Design/Architecture, Data Engineering, Cybersecurity Risk Assessment , Application Testing , UX Design and most likely others. The decision of which track I will follow for the next year has not been made yet, but I was told that that decision would be made based on my application towards my start date, which is in June, 2024. I said in my application that I was the most interested in Data Engineering, Machine Learning, Software Engineering, Cloud, and Data Analytics, so I assume that my track will most likely be one of those fields. I have the IT Career Fair and its organizers to thank for this opportunity, so thank you to the entire MIS department!!

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