Alexandra C Robak

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2022


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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The classes I have taken in relation to my major are:

  • HRM 1101-Leadership & Organizational Management
    • I have learned how a proper and successful business should be run in order to be ethical, and respectable in an ever changing world.
  • STAT 1101- Quantitative Methods for Business I
    • I have learned basic algebra applications that will be applied in a basic sense to whatever career I may choose.
  • LGLS 1101- Legal Environment of Bus
    • I have learned how to run a legal business, and basic law practices that may be helpful if legal issues are to arrive in my future endeavors and how to properly avoid these issues through legal guidance.
  • ECON 1101- Macroeconomic Principles
    • I have grown an understanding of the cost and benefit systems in society that associate with the trade-offs necessary in assessing risks and creating optimal output.

Professional Achievements

    • AIS Professional Development TrackFall 2018

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