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Cloud analytics is a term that describes a set of technological and analytical tools and techniques specifically designed to help clients extract information from massive data (Wikipedia,2018). It is a service model in which elements of the data analytics process are provided through a public or private cloud (Search business, 2012). A cloud analytic applications and services are typically under a subscription based or utility (pay as per use) pricing model. Some of the examples of cloud analytic products and services include hosted data warehouses, software-as-a- service business Intelligence (SaaS BI) and cloud based social media analytics (Search Business,2012). In a company, whether it is sales, marketing, services or finance department, each has a specific cloud application that accelerates the business process(tableau). Some of the best cloud Analytics of 2019 include Microsoft Power BI, Host Analytics, Zoho Analytics, Domo and IBM Cognos Analytics (Drake, Turner, 2019).

The nature of cloud applications has given businesses the ability to quickly customize their business processes to respond to their customers in a more agile fashion. Cloud applications have made the process of communication channel better between the companies and customers. Newer type of data is more accessible to companies to make better decisions that was never available before(Tableau,2019). According to the Forbes article, 46% of the organizations prefer public cloud platforms for cloud BI, analytics and data management deployment and 78% are planning on increasing the use of BI and data management in the next twelve months (Columbus, 2017). Due to their flexibility, convenience and low cost, cloud services gradually become a ubiquitous choice for modern IT-solution of business activities(techrader).

This topic is most relatable to this class because all the concepts and programs we have used so far is all about how to extract, format, arrange, visualize and organize data. Cloud analytics is just one of the applications that is available and makes data accessible to users. In class, we have used programs like tableau and Tableau prep that is a software program that produces interactive data visualization products focused on business intelligence.



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