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Sales (Software and CDW) Intern

  1. Sales Intern (Software and Hardware) – CDW
    1. Developed dynamic prospecting lists for the Southern New Jersey, Deleware, and Philadelphia area for upcoming markets that need updated software and hardware
    2. Attended cybersecurity and collaboration (Fortinet and Cisco) events in Manhattan to learn about the software and how to implement into upcoming markets.
    3. Accompanied Sales directors and Field Directors to meetings/calls on how software such as accenture, Microsoft Azure, and AWS can give corporate partners the tools to ascend their teams forward.
  2. Dynamic Prospecting lists using Excel and Salesforce of the Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Deleware areas. Partnered with together Interns across the nations to make a PowerPoint and SWOT analysis of competitors and upcoming markets such as E-Sports.
  3. Throughout the 3-month span as a sales intern for the corporate teams, I learned the importance of why software is important to run a business and how selling new and updated software/hardware and make or break a company. Cybersecurity was a major topic, how companies can have a breach and that can affect their corporate reputation as well as their trust with shareholders. This correlates with Management Information Systems because it not only provides more insight as to why management of the software is important, but it gave me the correct social skills to push my goal as an IT Consultant. Understanding how I can sell these products is as important as developing it.
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