Senior | Risk Management and Insurance

Internship at Trion Group

I recently interned this summer at Trion Group in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. Trion is an employee benefits brokerage and consulting firm. My specific role in the firm was an associate underwriter in the Life and Disability department.

There are many things that I learned during this internship that will have major influence on my success in the future. I would say the most vital skill that I learned this summer was how to interact and communicate with fellow employees, specifically on my team. It is so important to be sociable and know how to talk to people in the workplace. Another important skill that I learned was how to search through and analyze benefit policies. These policies pertain all of the vital information relative to our clients benefit designs which is why it is so important to read every detail of these policies. One last thing that I learned during my internship was how to use Excel effectively. I have used Excel many times in the past but never to the degree that I did in my internship. I was constantly on Excel during work using Pivot tables, Macros, and other useful tools.


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