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Data Science Intern

  • Developed unit tests and integration tests to compare original results of API callback with mock tests.
  • Unit tests and integration tests were developed using Python and Pytest, API testing was all done in Visual Studio Code.
  • Designed web scrapers that converted data into an excel file from approved websites Bridgify approved.
  • Libraries used for web scraping include Beautiful Soup, Python Requests, Urllib, and pandas.


Dr. Keith Sadel, MD Internal Medicine LLC

Data Analyst

  • Managed, organized, and remodeled patient appointment database.
  • Input electronic medical records via PEARS and Practice Fusion.
  • Created month to month financial analysis of insurance payments, accounts receivables, copays, deductibles, and co-insurance using Microsoft Excel.
  • Organized 100 – 200 patient portals weekly to include documentation of referrals, scans, x-rays, and other confidential medical history.

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