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IBIT mentoring program

This semester, I had the opportunity to participate in the IBIT peer mentoring program with Niraj Patel. Niraj is the CIO (Chief Information Officer) of Greystone. Greystone is a real estate finance company based in New York City. Over the semester, I discussed various topics with Niraj. Some of these topics include Niraj’s interest in technology, his responsibilities as a CIO, and his current work at Greystone. One piece of advice that I took away from our meetings is that connections are a crucial part of one’s career. While understanding technology is essential, putting yourself out there is equally as important. Niraj expressed to me that a part of his career was built by the connections he made. As someone who is a year away from graduating, I’ve taken this advice very seriously and have made some valuable connections based in the US and in Israel. 

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