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Courses Fall 2022:

  • Data and Analytics (MIS 2502):

In this course, I am currently learning how to construct relational data remodeling as well as building Database Schemas. I am also learning how to use MySQL Workbench to data modeling and SQL development.

  • Web Application Development (MIS 2402):

In this course, I am currently learning how to program and use HTML, Javascript, and CSS. I am learning how to build and fine-tune websites to make them interactive and necessary for business.

Courses Fall 2021:

  • Data Science (MIS 0855)

In this course, I learned how heavily businesses organize their data and visuals and how well the decision-making process is affected by advanced analytics techniques.

  • Digital Systems (MIS 2101):

In this course, I learned how to code using JavaScript, HTML, and CCS; to construct web pages. I learned business processes through demonstrated swim-lane as well as entity-relationship diagrams.

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