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Virtual CST career fair

Title of the Career Fair: Virtual Career Fair at Temple University

Term in Which It Was Completed: Spring 2024

Sponsoring Organization: Temple University

Details of the Career Fair:
– Location: Online (Virtual)
– Date: Friday, February 16, 2024
– Number of Employers Attended: 23

What I Learned:
During the Virtual Career Fair hosted by Temple University, I had the opportunity to learn about various job openings and gather detailed information about each of the 23 companies that participated. This event allowed me to explore different career paths within the fields of information systems and technology, providing me with a broader understanding of the potential opportunities available in my areas of interest. I was able to engage in meaningful conversations with potential employers, gaining insights into what they look for in candidates and how to better prepare myself for the job market.

How the Career Fair Relates to Coursework or Career Goals:
The Virtual Career Fair is directly related to my career goals of securing a position in the fields of information systems or technology. It offered a practical application of the theoretical knowledge and skills I have been developing through my coursework at Temple University. By interacting with employers and learning about the current demands and trends in the technology sector, I was able to identify how my academic experiences align with real-world job requirements. This event has further motivated me to pursue my career aspirations in technology, emphasizing the importance of staying informed about industry developments and continuously enhancing my skill set to meet employer expectations.

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