Christopher J Kutzler

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2018


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Origlio Beverage was founded in 1933 by Antonio Origlio as a small beer business and has grown to distribute domestic, imported beers and a carries a variety of craft beers, ciders, and craft soda. Now serving the five counties of the greater Philadelphia area with hundreds of accounts and 24/7 operations needed to keep up with demand. This summer (6/12/17 – 8/18/17) I was given the opportunity to intern in the Warehouse Operations department and oversee the daily operations of the loading docks and daily processes. This consisted of reading daily reports of outgoing and incoming trucks and deliveries to be sent out that day. Managing and overseeing truck returns and re-loads, updating and monitoring inventory levels using EoStar WMS, updating invoices, updating iPads with proper driver routes for the driver, invoices for customers, and truck contents. Additionally, updating inventory by reconciling breakage and loss statements, palletizing of orders placed and items being stacked on pallets for efficiency, reduce breakage, and increase pallet optimization. I was able to look at how the warehouse is organized for palletizing which looked at the size of the case of beer (Height, Length, Width), popularity of the item (how often it’s going to be picked), in addition to sizes they keep the products stacked in around the warehouse in relation to quantity deals on said product. Overall, I had to adapt quickly to the fast-paced the warehouse operated with forklifts driving all over, managing staff and assigning duties, and how to use EoStar to properly do all of my duties and be able to provide quality assurance of warehouse operations and inventory management.

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