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Leading When You’re Not in Charge

I took the IoT Foundations: Fundamentals LinkedIn Learning course in Summer 2022. I learned about the Internet of Things, it’s growing importance, and the components to it. This course gave me a better understand of what IoT is and how it is utilized every day.

I participated in the LinkedIn Learning called Leading When You’re Not in Charge in Spring 2022. I learned that its important to bring positive energy to the working environment, be proactive and influential, and that you can learn and reflect on a group idea no matter whether you agree or not. It has taught me to bring positivity and understanding to a team and be willing to work with what you have. A leader shows that they can do things despite whether they support the idea fully or not.

I took the Essential People Skills for Project Management LinkedIn Learning Course in Spring 2022. I learned about the wedge model, the difference between friendliness and friendship, inclusiveness, attitude, performance, fear, and managing your boss. This all contributes to understanding how to best collaborate with others on a team and how to be effective and overcome obstacles/tough situations.

I completed the Managing Stress course in Fall 2021 through LinkedIn Learning online videos. It focused on wellness, where I learned how to regulate stress factors and consider negative effects if not dealt with properly. This is beneficial to my career goals because it is vital to eliminate stress in order for me to work effectively and perform at my best.

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