Chicheng Zhang

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2019


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Chicheng Zhang

Major: Management Information Systems

Miner: Business Analytics

Major GPA: 3.6

Graduation: December 2018


Thank you for visiting my e-portfolio!

My name is Chicheng Zhang. I’m a junior majoring in Management Information Systems and Miner in Business Analytics at the Fox School of Business. I’m an international student from China.

Before I transferred to Temple, I studied in Marketing at XIAMEN UNIVERSITY TKK College. I declared my major as MIS during my first year in Fox and am heavily involved in the  MIS community since then.

I’m passionate about things I learned from MIS coursework, and find it is insightful to combine it with my other knowledge.

Please feel free to view my resume, or email me at with any questions, opportunities, or advice. Thank you for your time!

Professional Achievements

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