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Fall 2019 Semester Courses- Freshman

Macroeconomic Principles 1101 – As this course was an introductory course in macroeconomics, I learned about the topics of inflation, unemployment, monetary and fiscal policy, business cycles, and economic growth.

Leadership and Organizational Management 1101- In this class, I learned about the different aspects of  organizations or corporations.  Some of the topics pertaining to organizations that I learned about was communication, change management, organizational structure and control, and human resource management.

Quantitative Methods for Business I 1001 – I learned foundational  quantitative and Excel skills in the field of statistics in this course.

Introduction to Academic Discourse 0701 – In this course, I learned how to analyze readings and develop my own argument from the readings. I also learned writing skills pertaining to the essays that I was required to write.

Business Seminar 1001 – In this class, I learned how to become a more successful student  and individual in the business field. Some of the points that were covered was interview tips, goal setting techniques, and understanding diversity.


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