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Business Development / Web Analyst Intern

  1. The internship experience that I am going to be submitting is my role as a “Business Development / Web Analyst Intern” for a company called JASE Systems LLC. This internship occurred in the summer of 2022.
  2. JASE Systems LLC is a small IT consulting company. I was a part of the IT and accounting departments in this internship. My job function consisted of the following tasks: I acquired hands on experience in building the main web site for JASE Systems LLC ( ).I also developed HTML pages and implemented different features and templates from Word Press. I worked on JASE’s VectorVMS Vendor Portal to submit matching candidate profile to job requisitions. I followed up with the candidates for compliance from CAI (Computer Aid Inc.) until the candidate’s engagement with the client – State of New Jersey. I worked on various Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Excel spreadsheets. These spreadsheets had the data that were used to make the payment to the sub-contractors and verify the payment received from CAI, on a monthly basis.
  3. One project I worked on in this internship was the development of the company’s website using WordPress. I used WordPress to develop different pages on the website and the website as a whole. Another project I worked on is submitting matching candidate profiles to job requisitions in a system. An accomplishment I received from doing this task is that one employee was hired into JASE Systems through the candidate profile submission that I submitted.
  4. One skill I learned from this experience is how to develop a website using WordPress. This relates to my major since my group in my User Experience Design MIS class had to develop a bakery website by using WordPress. In this class we had to present a user-friendly website to the class which we developed using WordPress. In the context of the User Experience Design class, I had to develop a user-friendly website to the client by using WordPress. I also learned how to work on Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Excel spreadsheets. For example, I found the subtotals for each employee that the subcontractor had to pay them in a current month. This relates to my Financial Accounting class which I took in the past. Terms such as Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable are well known financial terms which were discussed in the class.

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