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ISACA Webinar – Data Security Trends Impacting IT Auditing

I attended a live online webinar called “ISACA – Data Security Trends Impacting IT Auditing” on December 3rd from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM. The sponsoring organization was ISACA and Trustwave. The webinar happened online using the “ON24” Webinar Platform. The speaker was Mark Trinidad and he is a Senior Product Manager at Trustwave.

What I learned from the webinar

In this webinar, I learned about 5 data security trends impacting IT auditing. The first trend was “Cloud expands Attack Surface”. This trend had to do with organizations who move their data to cloud providers like SalesForce. The second trend was “Insider Threat”. The third trend was “Full Access to Data”. Businesses that allowed access to all of their company data were 4 times as likely to experience a data breach compared to those business that limited access to their relevant data. The fourth trend was “Data Classification”. Something that has to be taken into account with the IT implementation part of this trend is what access controls, detection controls, and protection controls are in place. Lastly, the last trend was “Database Security”.

One thing that the speaker said we should think about is how we can help organizations look at the possible risks associated with it’s data. He also said that stronger data access control is required to protect from data breaches.

The speaker also stated the different types of data(structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data) in this webinar. This relates to my coursework in my Data and Analytics MIS course since we learned about it in the class.

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