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Opportunity Knocks: Developing Your Personal Brand in Your Job Search – The Main Line Chamber Talent and Education Network

The name of the sponsoring organization for this webinar is “The Main Line Chamber Talent and Education Network”.

I attended this online webinar on Zoom. This webinar was called “Developing Your Personal Brand in Your Job Search” and happened on August 10th, from 4:30 to 6 PM.

What I Learned from this activity

I learned that developing your personal brand sets yourself apart from other job candidates. It can also help you start and navigate your job search.

One thing you can do to develop your personal brand is to find out what your transferable skills are such as customer service skills if you worked in a retail job in the past.

Some other advice I learned from employers are that networking is important. I also learned the importance of being involved in other activities outside of your job such as clubs. Your involvement in other activities will help you stand out with your personal brand.

I also learned the importance of relationship skills, with co-workers for example. One other piece of advice I learned is to put key highlights of your resume at the top of the page since that will likely be the first thing that employers will see. It is also important to research about the organization  before attending an interview.

This activity relates to my career goals in that I am pursuing an internship for next summer and am also pursuing a job after I graduate. This webinar had many employers participating in it so it relates to my career goal of an internship/full time job after I graduate in my field of study.

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